Start Spending With Purpose

ChangeTrust is a free app that lets you donate your spare change every time you make a purchase. Automatically round-up every purchase to the next dollar and send your spare change directly to The Life Church.

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Artboard 1 02/07/18 Wells Fargo $45.75 0.25 02/17/18 Wells Fargo $4.34 0.66 03/13/18 Wells Fargo $29.99 0.01 01/25/18 Wells Fargo $16.21 0.43 01/25/18 Wells Fargo $16.21 +0.36 12/10/17 Wells Fargo $22.92 +0.08 11/23/17 Wells Fargo $2.85 +0.15 11/20/17 Wells Fargo $14.77 +0.23 10/10/17 Wells Fargo $1.99 +0.01 CHANGE SENT – 1/25/17 17 ROUND-UPS 22.43 Round-Ups Towards Your Next $25 Donation + + + + $
ChangeTrust App

A Little Change Can Go a Long Way

It’s like a digital coin jar. From a cup of coffee to buying groceries to purchasing gas – you can feel great knowing you’re making a difference every time you swipe your card – it’s what we call “spending with purpose”.

It's Automatic

Automatically round-up every purchase to the nearest dollar and send your spare change directly to your favorite organization. It really is that simple!


Change You Can Trust

Our credit card processor utilizes bank grade security and is fully PCI-DSS compliant. Your credit card information is safe and secure from start to finish.


Little Change, Big Impact

It may only be 13 cents here or 76 cents there, but when we all come together it adds up to big change. We can change the world together!